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Toronto, city of dreams?

How Hogtown helped a queer femme of colour dream her way home [originally published on, November 30, 2015] “I still don’t see why you don’t go back to the States. Everyone wants to go there, and you can.” I … Continue reading

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Bryan Singer deserves an apology

Poor X-Men director Bryan Singer got fired from the third installment of his Fox franchise in 2006 when he defected to Warner Brothers to make Superman Returns. He wanted to simultaneously revive the comic-book icon in a bold new blockbuster … Continue reading

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It’s Showtime for seriously screwed-up folk

What is this strange hold Nancy Botwin has over me? Her misadventures as a pot-dealing single mom in the Showtime TV series Weeds are now in their seventh season and somehow I’m still watching, even as she irritates the hell … Continue reading

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fab’s patio guide

[originally printed in fab issue – July 20, 2011] In spite of (or maybe because of) our miserably prolonged slushy winters, Toronto in the summer briefly becomes one of the greatest places on earth. There’s no better way to realize … Continue reading

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Man versus The Man

A journey to the hard and hairy heart of Masculathon [originally printed in fab issue 420 – March 16, 2011] Deep in the woods, 11 men gather together for a primal rite of passage and tests of inner and outer … Continue reading

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U of T professor Paul Rutherford explains how the erotic became the mainstream [originally printed in fab issue 331 – October 14, 2007] Sex sells. It’s a given, a cliché, but University of Toronto history professor Paul Rutherford decided to … Continue reading

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