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“Suck it up, you whiners”

By now, I assume you’ve seen the monstrous (yet ultimately inspiring) footage of the UC Davis students being pepper-sprayed by campus security. The leisurely way he sprays them directly in the face, like you or I would spray ants with … Continue reading

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What those aimless “Occupy” people really are

It’s been weeks and still people ask, “What do these ‘Occupy’ protesters want, anyway? They’re just angry because they never studied mechanical engineering!” Weeks and still people say, “They must just hate rich people.” Why yes, and thank you for … Continue reading

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The most terrifying person in Canada

It’s Marg Delahunty! As played by comedian Mary Walsh on This Hour Has 22 Minutes, she’s been harrassing Canadian politicians of every stripe for over a decade. Everyone knows her schtick by now, everyone but Rob Ford. Supporters of the … Continue reading

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High School Confidential: Talking with LGBT students

[originally published in Autumnplay! Fall 2011] A Catholic high school in the northern Alberta oil-sands hub of Fort McMurray seems like Canada’s least likely place to find a vocal advocate for gay rights but teacher and author Patricia Marie Budd … Continue reading

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George, you ignorant slut

No offence to Stewart or Colbert but, decades after their stint, I still miss Dan Ackroyd and Jane Curtin doing the fake news on Saturday Night Live, especially their “Point/Counterpoint” section in which Curtin would make an impassioned speech for … Continue reading

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Michele Bachmann’s loud gay voice

I’ve hestitated to write anything about current US Republican presidential front-runner Michele Bachmann because a) that very phrase is fucking terrifying, and b) what can I say about this fundamentalist loon that hasn’t already been said? I know full well … Continue reading

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Sorry Norway, I spent all my grief on Amy Winehouse

Gruesome idea, no? And entirely untrue, of course, but that was the accusation levelled by far-too-many people this weekend at those who took to the Internet (now our cultural replacement for black veils and armbands) to publicly mourn the gone-too-soon … Continue reading

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