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Honey, I’m home!

I’m by no means a real photographer but, in deciding to try my first-ever photo shoot to accompany a series of brief profiles for the fab home-decor issue, I was thrilled to snap some marvellous shots of a few of … Continue reading

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Faces of the community

[originally printed in fab issue 427 – June 24, 2011] Gay artist James Fowler saw a problem to be fixed as Pride approached this year: not enough queer content in Toronto’s art scene and not enough visual art in the Pride … Continue reading

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Shoot for the top

Can you actually make a living taking pictures of guys in their underpants? We asked the pros! [orginally printed in fab issue 389 – January 20, 2010] Three years ago, fab spoke to New York–based photographer Joe Oppedisano about his … Continue reading

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Joe Oppedisano

Dark & Dank, Fighting & Screaming Sexy was already back. Enter the “hypermasculine” fantasy world of photographer Joe Oppedisano [originally printed in fab issue 311 – January 11, 2007] “Gay fantasy” is what Joe Oppedisano calls his work. In the … Continue reading

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