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Toronto, city of dreams?

How Hogtown helped a queer femme of colour dream her way home [originally published on, November 30, 2015] “I still don’t see why you don’t go back to the States. Everyone wants to go there, and you can.” I … Continue reading

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If the first trailer for THE AVENGERS back in October inspired this reaction, imagine what this new one has done to me… If you need me, I’ll be holed up watching this obsessively for the next two days.

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An early Christmas present

…from The Globe and Mail as city reporter extraordinaire Jonathan Goldsbie alerts me to this reprint today of a tweet from three weeks back: I’m delighted and, yes, proud to have been doing a tiny part in this cause. I’m … Continue reading

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Ryan G. Hinds’ tips on tunes for the holidays

Toronto cabaret performer Ryan G. Hinds loves the glitter and warmth of Christmas but not its soundtrack. “Bad Christmas music is a great way to torture your guests,” he laughs. Hinds once endured James Brown’s “Santa Claus, Go Straight to … Continue reading

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Start your day off right!

A very long, busy and conflicted work day ahead for me today but no day that starts off with THIS could be a bad one…. Hope your day today is every bit as epic 🙂

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The most terrifying person in Canada

It’s Marg Delahunty! As played by comedian Mary Walsh on This Hour Has 22 Minutes, she’s been harrassing Canadian politicians of every stripe for over a decade. Everyone knows her schtick by now, everyone but Rob Ford. Supporters of the … Continue reading

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AVENGERS Trailer Anonymous

It’s been a whole day since this was unleashed on the public: In the aftermath, I am now founding a local chapter of AVENGERS Trailer Anonymous (ATA). Its 12-step program for healing is as follows: 1. Admitted we were powerless … Continue reading

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