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STAR WARS and the beginning of adulthood

Oh God, not another think-piece about a certain pop-culture juggernaut and What It All Means. Well no, just what it all means to me. 2015 was a rocky year. It started with a glorious visit to Ireland with Darcy and … Continue reading

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STAR WARS and the end of childhood

We’re two weeks away from the premiere of the new STAR WARS movie. Exciting, isn’t it? Especially for forty-something dudes like me and Kevin Smith, whose lifelong love of movies was completely and powerfully sparked by seeing the original film … Continue reading

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Toronto, city of dreams?

How Hogtown helped a queer femme of colour dream her way home [originally published on, November 30, 2015] “I still don’t see why you don’t go back to the States. Everyone wants to go there, and you can.” I … Continue reading

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Whoa, nelly!

I suddenly notice that it’s been precisely ONE YEAR since I updated this blog! Oh dear, that won’t do at all. Time to fix that. But what a year it’s been…! Moved in with the Mister after renovating the ruined … Continue reading

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Thanks for everything

Happy Thanksgiving weekend, Canada! It’s a cool grey day and I’m just starting to move after working a 17-hour day yesterday. I’m exhausted but content, the perfect mood for reflection and, given the day, dusting off the old giving-of-thanks format. … Continue reading

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Katrina: I’m still furious but fixing

As Hurricane Isaac bears down on the US Gulf Coast, seven years to the day of Katrina doing the same and worse, I still can’t forget these simultaneous images from August 29 and 30: The rage I felt back then … Continue reading

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If the first trailer for THE AVENGERS back in October inspired this reaction, imagine what this new one has done to me… If you need me, I’ll be holed up watching this obsessively for the next two days.

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