The most terrifying person in Canada

It’s Marg Delahunty! As played by comedian Mary Walsh on This Hour Has 22 Minutes, she’s been harrassing Canadian politicians of every stripe for over a decade. Everyone knows her schtick by now, everyone but Rob Ford.

Supporters of the Toronto Mayor are insisting that those of us laughing at him for panicking and calling 911 when she dropped an early-morning ambush interview at his home should put ourselves in his shoes. Someone once made a death threat!!! It was dark!!! He was protecting his child!!!

Please. If I saw this charging at me at dawn, I’d be startled, of course, then I’d laugh at her obviously ludicrous outfit, then be delighted to have her there. Ford’s supporters should understand that their man-of-the-people hero should be honoured to be included in this comedy hitlist. You bitches–this is Mary fucking Walsh, the Warrior Princess of Canada!

Say what you will about David Miller but he wasn’t a paranoid child. As a guy who loves comedy, I’m delighted by Ford as mayor (three more years!) but as a citizen of the great city of Toronto, I’m just embarrassed by a leader even more ridiculous than Marg.


About Scott Dagostino

An arts & culture journalist who's the bastard love child of Van Morrison and Jessica Mitford
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2 Responses to The most terrifying person in Canada

  1. Ben says:

    Somehow, I doubt Ford watches much CBC.

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