Funny thing…

I have no desire to see the Ryan Reynolds/Jason Bateman body-swap comedy The Change-Up (like, NO desire) but I could watch the two of them do press for it all day:

Despite the duo’s efforts, The Change-Up wasn’t a hit but the true success story this summer was Bridesmaids, in which Kristen Wiig finally ended a bad streak of subpar comedies by co-writing and producing her own film. Like with Bateman and Reynolds in the press clips here, some of the funniest scenes in Bridesmaids are just conversations between Wiig and her various co-stars. Rather than keep reviving goofy high-concept set-ups like the body-swap or the premise of virtually any Adam Sandler movie, I hope Hollywood can learn from this that audiences will show up if you just leave funny people alone to be funny together. Otherwise, you’re left with Jim Carrey and CGI penguins.


About Scott Dagostino

An arts & culture journalist who's the bastard love child of Van Morrison and Jessica Mitford
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