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Honey, I’m home!

I’m by no means a real photographer but, in deciding to try my first-ever photo shoot to accompany a series of brief profiles for the fab home-decor issue, I was thrilled to snap some marvellous shots of a few of … Continue reading

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Funny thing…

I have no desire to see the Ryan Reynolds/Jason Bateman body-swap comedy The Change-Up (like, NO desire) but I could watch the two of them do press for it all day: Despite the duo’s efforts, The Change-Up wasn’t a hit … Continue reading

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Bryan Singer deserves an apology

Poor X-Men director Bryan Singer got fired from the third installment of his Fox franchise in 2006 when he defected to Warner Brothers to make Superman Returns. He wanted to simultaneously revive the comic-book icon in a bold new blockbuster … Continue reading

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