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The gay divorcée

[originally published in fab issue 432 – August 31, 2011] It’s hard enough to face a breakup, but for those who’ve been gay-married, getting gay-divorced really sucks. “Of all the other pain and anguish that goes with a relationship ending, … Continue reading

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I’m not in the habit of writing down my conversations but I really enjoyed one I had last night with the manager of a Hero Burger at Yonge and King. I stopped in for a sandwich after a short work … Continue reading

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A salute to Murray Gold

Okay, you know you’re a giant nerd when you get excited about a new interview with a TV soundtrack composer but I’ve loved Murray Gold right from the moment in 1999 when I first heard his weird but wonderful theme … Continue reading

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Michele Bachmann’s loud gay voice

I’ve hestitated to write anything about current US Republican presidential front-runner Michele Bachmann because a) that very phrase is fucking terrifying, and b) what can I say about this fundamentalist loon that hasn’t already been said? I know full well … Continue reading

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To boldly go: an open letter to JJ Abrams

Dear JJ, I’m writing to you as a frustrated fan. No, it’s not to complain about the finale of Lost but about your recent thoughts on Star Trek. Your reboot in 2009 was a deft, exciting, funny film that made me a Trekkie … Continue reading

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I am 40 and I refuse to panic

I was lucky enough to meet the legendary Quentin Crisp back in 1999. He appeared at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, where he told a packed house, “You are allowed to have sex for as long as anyone can call … Continue reading

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It’s Showtime for seriously screwed-up folk

What is this strange hold Nancy Botwin has over me? Her misadventures as a pot-dealing single mom in the Showtime TV series Weeds are now in their seventh season and somehow I’m still watching, even as she irritates the hell … Continue reading

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