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Sorry Norway, I spent all my grief on Amy Winehouse

Gruesome idea, no? And entirely untrue, of course, but that was the accusation levelled by far-too-many people this weekend at those who took to the Internet (now our cultural replacement for black veils and armbands) to publicly mourn the gone-too-soon … Continue reading

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BBC censors gay sex scene from Torchwood

Uncensored version to run Saturday nights in Canada [originally printed in Xtra – July 21, 2011] From its inception in 2006 by Queer as Folk creator Russell T Davies, the TV series Torchwood has been billed as “sci-fi for adults.” For three … Continue reading

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fab’s patio guide

[originally printed in fab issue – July 20, 2011] In spite of (or maybe because of) our miserably prolonged slushy winters, Toronto in the summer briefly becomes one of the greatest places on earth. There’s no better way to realize … Continue reading

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With Open Arms: Queer immigrants in Toronto

[originally printed in Summerplay! The Diversity Issue – Summer 2011] Last year, I travelled a bit in the southern United States, including Louisiana and South Carolina. The hot sunshine was gorgeous, the locals were friendly and the tiny gay bars were lively. Yet something felt off, something … Continue reading

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In Praise of Apathy

Late Tuesday afternoon, a friend of mine posted on Facebook about what a gloriously happy sunny day he was having in Toronto. To me, that was a bizarre statement, for at that same moment, I was sitting in front of … Continue reading

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Pick your poison: I’m splitting in two

I think I’ve hit a wall with social media. I took to it immediately, for reasons good (being so connected has improved my life enormously) and bad (I’m generally better on paper than in person, ha ha), and struggles around … Continue reading

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“Here’s to being a girly boy instead of a boyish girl”

Stumbled upon this lovely short documentary on Calvin Neufeld, a Mennonite who transitioned from female to male with the support of his family and community. He’s written some terrific articles for Xtra but seeing him in this video really brings … Continue reading

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